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Urogynecology Definition

Urogynecology is a surgical sub-specialty of urology and gynecology. Urology combines the management of medical (i.e., non-surgical) conditions such as urinary tract infections and benign prostatic hyperplasia, with the management of surgical conditions such as bladder or prostate cancer, kidney stones, congenital abnormalities, traumatic injury, and stress incontinence.



Urinary Track Infection Specialist

Urinary dysfunction and complaints are so integral to pelvic care that we have focused intently to be able to offer the best care available.

Urodynamics evaluation in the office is sometimes helpful to delineate the precise pathology leading to urinary complaints. Frequently medication is successful in treating overactive bladder, with symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency.

Sometimes surgical procedures such as Interstim prove necessary.

For stress incontinence (leaking with coughing, sneezing, laughing, running, jumping , or trampoline, for instance) sometimes pelvic floor exercises or pessary placement may prove beneficial.

Frequently 30 minute outpatient surgical procedure provides a long term fix!

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