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Pelvic Reconstruction


Pelvic Reconstruction

We have a special interest in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and vaginal and sexual dysfunction. There are a multitude of ways to help the woman who is experiencing pelvic symptoms of pressure, bulge, and pain. Sometimes a vaginal device called a pessary can be fitted in the office and provide adequate relief.

Sexual dysfunction related to pelvic organ prolapse is obviously not going to respond to pesssary therapy. Curative surgical procedures are very complex. Procedures to repair vaginal herniations have gone through many transformations over the last 20 years, and we have tried many.

Sometimes native tissues can be repaired and used to adequately support the vaginal walls – sometimes these tissues just are not adequate. In these cases, consideration must be given to utilizing some sort of graft material. This sort of surgical repair is accomplished without an abdominal incision in the vast majority of cases, but requires proficiency in extensive pelvic dissection and knowledge of deep pelvic anatomy from the vaginal approach.

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