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Bowel Dysfunction


Bowel Dysfunction

Commonly seen forms of curable defecation dysfunction are...

  1. difficulty with elimination related to rectocele,
  2. incontinence of stool related to anal sphincter deficiency and,
  3. anal incontinence related to colonic hyperactivity.

Rectocele repair and anal sphincteroplasty are indicated for the first two. If medical and dietary therapy proves inadequate, outpatient implantation of the Interstim device may represent the best answer for the last of these. We are committed to providing “minimally invasive” surgical options for our patients. Frequently that may involve use of the laparoscope (perhaps even with the da Vinci robot) or hysteroscope. We are able to accomplish treatment of pelvic pathology without large abdominal incisions in most cases. For hysterectomy, we believe that a woman is best served if a procedure can be completed without ANY abdominal incisions. A vaginal hysterectomy is the cheapest, safest, and least painful way to accomplish hysterectomy in the hands of a confident, and careful, and experienced vaginal surgeon.

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